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Short Stories

Dum-Dums and Dragons
Haardous Magic

Six companions delve into the dark secrets of the Safety Monastery, facing Vampires, Dragons, untold dangers and bad jokes. Will Princess Chamade remain a frog? Will Faren the brave knight save the princess? Will Dewdust the elf mage learn to say an "s" without a lisp? These and more questions will be answered at the end of the tail, um tale.

Make your inner D&D nerd laugh and bring back memories of very late night games, where things get really silly.

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Ace “Demon” Anshelm was a Terran; a born “Top-Sider”. The government required you to differentiate on your paperwork now, since the all the Subterran races, including giants, sidhe, dwarves, humans and other magical creatures of legend, had emerged from Antarctica. Demon would rather be piloting than almost anything else, but after getting out of the Air Force and trying to go solo, his luck ran out and he lost everything. He was about to give up on independent piloting when a recruiter approached him from Haz-Mag Inc. Fly hazardous magical cargo from place to place and make lots of money was the sales pitch.

After two years of flying for Haz-Mag Inc he was still impressed with the company and their security, but he was especially impressed with the planes; all new and all top of the line. Even so, with nagas, gremlins and pixie-lizards on this flight he had to ask himself, if it was worth it. Afterall, how bad could flying hazardous magical cargo be?

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Cryfder and Baiyah

Cryfder is in love.

He is of the people of the Northern Vales. She is of the people of the Desert. But, he is working patiently to pay the bride price that her father has demanded. That is, until he finds out that she has been kidnapped by an evil mage and he only has a short time to rescue her from a city that is only legend to his people.

It will take all of his skill, courage and magic to find her and save her before she becomes the wife of Yazid and any chance at happiness for Cryfder is lost forever.

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